Boris Baberkoff grows up in a family of musicians together with his brothers Willy and Gogo. His mother Aniko Baberkoff is a music teacher, his father Peter Baberkoff is conductor. Boris’ brothers Willy (violin) and Gogo (piano) are now working as freelance musicians.
At the age of four Boris starts to play Cello. He passes an education in classical music, but soon starts to experiment with different musical styles. The carrier comes to an abrupt ending when Boris suffers a stroke. Boris not only has to relearn everyday routines like eating and walking but also has to relearn over again to play cello. He soon realizes, that he will never acquire the virtuosity again, he had reached before. The decades-long discipline as a musician and the devoted help of his former wife and his family bring him back into a normal, independent life. The film-maker Katharina Peters has documented this hard development in the film: "Am seidenen Faden"
Boris discovers the computer as a virtual sound studio and is focused on composing music. He is now working as a music teacher and composer in Berlin.